January 31 , 2017

Style // For The Ladies

Do you have a routine on how you go around your target? We usually start at the bargain section and then loop in the woman section first. After taking a look at all the goodies we make our way around the store from there. We love how we can always find the latest style BUT also […]

Kids // Little Style

How cute is this “Hello Weekend” dress by Cat & Jack? STOOOP it with these banana leggings and only $6.00!!! Get them HERE And this ladybug raincoat? It’s only 18.99 and practically everything! Get it HERE We love finding little accessories at Target and these Cat & Jack hair accessories are just too cute. Here […]

Health // Favorite Finds

It’s no secret that the number one thing people want to do when a new year starts is loose weight. Well, we don’t think getting on a healthy bandwagon has to be boring or *un* cute! Here are some of our favorite finds currently that you can easily find at your local Target! See our […]