Crafts With Supplies You Have At Home

If you are like us, you have probably played all the games, read all the books and have watched a lot of what is on Disney+.

Yesterday I pulled out some crafts for my boys and thought how much a round-up post of crafts was needed. There are so many fun, clever and simple crafts out there that you can do from things you already have at home.

Here are a few of our favorites from the great world of Pinterest.

Thumbprint Art //

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We love any sort of art project with our kiddos and this is such a fun and easy one. Simply get paint or ink. Imprint your child’s thumbprint on a sheet of paper and then have them use their imagination to create little creatures with a pen. Original post HERE

3 Ingredient Air Clay //

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3-ingredient air clay. So many options with this craft and we love how they turned the stars into a garland. There was a time my boys were obsessed with clay and would make little stop motion videos. I love that this has only three ingredients and uses items you most likely have at home already! How cute would a little bunny garland be for Easter? Find instructions HERE

Painted Plastic Eggs //

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We see a lot of Easter egg crafts but I never thought about painting and decorating the plastic eggs I have collected over the years. How cute are these? Instructions can be found HERE

Whip cream Marble Eggs //

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This is one I haven’t tried and really want to. Marbling Easter eggs with whip cream! Say what? So so fun! Have you tried this? Instructions can be found HERE

Bubble Art //

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Art with bubbles! Such a fun project to do with your kiddos and super simple. I love how each artwork is different. I am thinking of doing this project in colors we are using to decorate our home and framing them. I often like to rotate my art at home so this would be fun! Instructions can be found HERE

Paper Crown //

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How cute is this simple paper plate crown. I love that you can use recyclable items like paper scraps to decorate it and relatively easy for kiddos to do.

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Clothespin People //

This craft is way too cute and would be something the kiddos could play with for hours. It would require more of a hands-on (mama, you will have to do a lot of the work) but the end result is adorable. The House That Lars built turned their clothespin people into ornaments (so cute) but you could easily skip a few steps and make a little village of play people for your kiddos. Instructions can be found here. These would be adorable with a paper bag village – see more here. This one may require more items in order to complete but it would provide hours of fun for your kiddos. The old fashion clothespins can be found on Amazon here

Other Ideas //

Tin can telephone – This was one of my favorite things to make as a child because it was so simple. Here is a great tutorial

Order Supplies Online and Pick-up //

If your planning on getting any of these items for drive-up pick up here is a list of supplies :

Thumb Print Art: White paper, ink pad and black marker

Air Dry Clay: For the clay you need, baking Soda, cornstarch and cookie cutter. To make a garland you need, twine or wire.

Painted Plastic Eggs: Plastic eggs, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, sharpie, and Mod Podge.

Whipped Cream Marbled Eggs: Whipped cream, food coloring, boiled eggs, and white vinegar.

Bubble Art: Bubble mix, bubble wands (usually comes with the bubble mix), food coloring, and paper.

Paper Plate Crown: Paper plate, scissors, glue, colorful paper, glitter and anything else you want to use to decorate your crown.

Clothespin People: Old fashion clothes pins, acrylic paint, fabric, paintbrushes, hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, wooden bead for hair buns (optional)

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