Navigating Kids’ Screen Time with Cinemood Portable Movie Theater

Our lives are illuminated by the Edison glow of lights strung up in the tree branches now, and dotted with the the slow blink of fire flies as they dart in and out of the campfire circle we’ve gathered around outside our farm in Northwest Arkansas. A few years back, we were stuck in an endless curve of red brake lights on the highways and byways of Southern California, always late for our next event, and never with enough time to just be together.

Of course, farm life isn’t all lounging around under the moonlight, watching the sparks float upwards from the campfire. We’re up at first light, and all of us — even our three boys — are busy with farm chores. The geese are brooding over a nest of eggs, the chickens forage for insects and seeds, and squealing piglets chase at our heels, as devoted as faithful dogs.

Our world turns at a slower pace than it did a few years ago, but we still live a highly-connected, technology-dependent life. (Working from home as an editor and creative director means high-speed internet is a must.) And of course my boys, from preschool-age to teen-age, are always asking for more screen time.

But I savor family time, and I want my kids to grow up with a healthy balance between connectivity and togetherness.

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Ever since we made the transition to this rural lifestyle, I’ve wanted to create a community space here at the farm, where families could gather, share food, and watch a film together nestled under the trees, under roosting chickens and open skies. So when Cinemood contacted me about their portable movie theater, I could see my dream of outdoor film gatherings at farm unfolding in front of me.

So after farm chores were all wrapped up for the evening, I gathered the boys, filled bowls of popcorn, grabbed the Cinemood box, and we headed out into the backyard to spend some time together.

Remember projectors when we were kids? This smart little cube is nothing like the projectors I remember. For starters, it’s just three inches square, yet can project up to twelve feet wide. (Wow!) And because it operates silently, too, our film-watching experience wasn’t constantly worn down by the hum and rattle of a conventional projector.

So if it’s so small, how does the Cinemood cube connect to what you actually want to watch? For starters, it comes already loaded with 120 hours of watchable content (and 16GB internal memory), so you can begin using it right away. Plus, it’s WiFi-ready and Bluetooth-enabled, so once you pair it with your smartphone, you can stream Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime, too. And the battery life is a hefty five hours!

Our boys loved our Cinemood movie night outside on the farm. And I loved knowing I’d successfully transformed screen time into together time. 

The Cinemood Storyteller Portable Media Player is available at your local Target store. And you can follow @cinemood_USA on Instagram, too. For more information, visit

Happy together time!

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